2023-2024 Support Annual 给

We’re Counting On You.

Poly’s Annual 给 campaign is at the heart of everything we do.

Everything you value about Poly is made possible by Annual 给. Participation at any level is your commitment to helping our students become intelligent, 有能力, and self-aware citizens, who are fully prepared to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

As you know, tuition alone doesn’t cover the scope of your child’s Poly experience. We rely on every gift no matter the size to help bridge the gap. And we can’t do it without you. 给 back is an enduring tradition at our school. It’s what parents, along with faculty, 工作人员, 校友, 和朋友, have always done: support Annual 给 to raise the bar to which we hold ourselves. We hope to continue to create remarkable opportunities for Poly students with your support.

Together we can shape the future of Poly.

Guide to Philanthropy
Donor Impact Report
commencement 2021

of Philanthropy

Your gift to the Annual 给 fund is more than a show of support. It represents your dedication to the student experience and making every day at 保利预科 extraordinary.


提高 $3.200万年
Participation 100%


20% of Poly students receive financial aid
100% of needs met
1200万美元 awarded in financial aid


Understanding Poly’s finances is the first step to understanding its need for support. Annual 给 bridges the gap between tuition and operating expenses. Annual 给 keeps the cost to attend Poly more affordable. And unlike tuition, your gift to  Annual 给 is 100% tax deductible.

Annual 给

An investment in education is a belief in the Poly students who shape our future – the stewards and changemakers in the world!” 

– Aferdita Hakaj, Director of Annual 给

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2022-23 Income
  • 89.7% 学费 & 费用
  • 2.8% Transfer from Endowment
  • 4.6% Annual GIving 其他 Gifts
  • 1.4% Auxiliary Services
  • 1.4% 其他

  • 51.0% 工资 & 好处
  • 15.6% Financial Aid
  • 8.3% G & A
  • 10.0% Auxiliary Services
  • 6.9% Depreciation + Interest Expenses
  • 4.3% Plant Operations
  • 3.6% 程序 & Instructional
2022-23 expenses


邮件 your check to 保利预科
Advancement, 9216 Seventh Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY 11228

Give by credit card through our secure online donation-portal

Stock and Wire Transfers
Call Lauren Bonaventura Sorrento, Director of Advancement Services, for instructions (347) 394-1103 or email her directly.

Call Aferdita Hakaj, Director of Annual 给, (718) 663-6033 or email her directly.

其他 Campaigns
Poly 艺术中心 Capital Campaign

保利预科 艺术中心
The $12 million campaign for the 艺术中心 has been recently reimagined as a comprehensive, multidisciplinary facility for the performing and visual arts.

Endowment giving image

Endowment 给
Endowed gifts serve as Poly’s "savings account" and are one of the most significant ways to secure the school's financial future. A strong endowment safeguards the administration’s ability to continue to perform day-to-day operations.

Meet the Advancement Team