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As the culminating project of the 8th grade history course, the Capstone is designed to empower students both to demonstrate the historical thinking and writing skills that they have developed over the course of their time in the Middle School and to explore their own interests, rooted in the themes and questions introduced in their “U.S. and the World” course.

Students develop research questions, conduct independent research, and use a variety of primary and secondary sources to craft a final project (in the form of a paper, website, game, or short documentary) that educates their peers and parents/guardians about their topic. The annual Capstone Night in May features thematic panels, each chaired by History Department faculty, which highlight our students’ research and analysis.

An integral part of our Middle School history program, the Capstone project serves to celebrate our students’ intellectual curiosity and engagement and to facilitate the academic transition from Middle School to Upper School.